Prioritise Your Health With Me

Just allow your body to operate freely and flow naturally the way it’s designed to do with a personalized diet plan.

My Diet & Nutrition Plans

I offer some of the specialized dieting plans that are important under certain physical and medical conditions.

Weight Loss Program

A weight loss program that’s safe, sustainable, and effective.

Skin And Hair Program

A program is very carefully designed with right food combinations.

Diabetes Reversal Program

Diabetes reversal program helps to clear fatty deposits within the pancreas & liver.

Obesity Weight Loss Program

A program that understands your body and improves lifestyle for weight loss.

PCOD & PCOS Management

Helps improve and prevent PCOD and PCOS by making lifestyle changes.

Corporate Health Plans

For those people who are unable to make out time to visit the clinic.

7 Day Cleanse Diet Program

A special week-long program for quick and effective detox of the body with nutrition.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Helps recover from labour with a healthy diet and mild exercise.

About Me

I am a certified dietician, nutritionist, and corporate health educator with years of experience and training. I help people live a healthy lifestyle with nutrition and lifestyle changes.
I let my clients enjoy all their favourite foods and still lose weight because it's not about eating right. It's about eating smart.

My Healthy & Fit clients

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